Editorial Note

The Trusteeship Council took decisive action in two steps on February 23, regarding the question of Italian participation. Concluding work begun in plenary session on February 20 and continued on February 21, the Council adopted new rules of procedure which enabled Italy to participate in the work of the Council without vote in respect of matters relating to the Somaliland trusteeship and general policy questions. Secondly, the Council approved a resolution offered by Argentina which requested the General Assembly at its Sixth Session later in the year to include on the Assembly’s agenda “the question of the full participation of Italy in the work of the Trusteeship Council” (Resolution 310 (VIII)). For the Council’s proceedings during this period, see TC (VIII), 327th–329th meetings, [Page 300] pages 94–98, 104–105, and 111–115. For the text of the resolution, see TC(VIII), Resolutions, page 5, or Doc. T/848, February 23, 1951.