350/2–1951: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Dunn) to the Secretary of State


3611. Department pass USUN. FonOff has expressed to Embassy Government’s concern re political repercussions if Italy denied “full [Page 299] participation” Trusteeship Council. There has already been some adverse press comment on our delegation’s statement in TC opposing “full participation”1 and government anticipates further attacks in Parliament soon. Line of Communist attack characterized by UNITA headlines February 14. “New hostile act of Truman’s delegation to UN—America will deny Italy vote on Trusteeship Council—State Department hypocritically affirms decision motivated by necessity not prejudice our country’s admission to UN.”

While FonOff understands our position as stated in TC and as explained informally by us on basis Deptel 3437, February 8, they still hope we may be able at very least to support deferment final adverse decision through agreement TC refer question to a subgroup for further study and consideration. FonOff believes that if such course followed government would be able reply satisfactorily to opponents.

While it appears to Embassy doubtful that issue poses serious political problem for government, still adverse decision will be widely interpreted as diplomatic defeat at hands of Western Allies. On other hand favorable action, or even deferment final decision would enhance prestige of government and help Sforza in his relations with Parliament.

  1. Ambassador Sayre’s only statement in the Trusteeship Council on the Italian participation question before February 20 was on January 31, when he strongly supported the proposal of the president of the Council for the establishment of a committee to revise the Council’s rules of procedure to take into account Italy’s presence in the Council’s work. At that time Ambassador Sayre said (summary record): “Italy’s participation in the Council’s proceedings was not regulated by the Trusteeship Agreement, and the question would require careful consideration.” For the proceedings on January 31, see United Nations, Official Records of the Trusteeship Council, Eighth Session, 316th meeting, pp. 9 ff. (hereafter cited in 1951 as TC (VIII) or TC (IX), as appropriate).