Memorandum of Conversation, by the Officer in Charge of Trusteeship Affairs (Cargo)


Subject: Italian Participation in the Work of the Trusteeship Council

Participants: Mr. Felice Catalano, Second Secretary, Italian Embassy
Mr. William Cargo, UND

Mr. Catalano called, on instructions from Rome, to inform the Department of the appreciation of the Government of Italy at the outcome of the vote in the Trusteeship Council on the resolution to place on the agenda of the next session of the General Assembly the question of Italian participation in the work of the Trusteeship Council. (This resolution was adopted on February 23 by a vote of 9–1–2, the United States voting in the affirmative, the Soviet Union against, and the United Kingdom and New Zealand abstaining.) Mr. Catalano said that his Government especially appreciated the support of the United States for this resolution. He said that while, on the surface, it might appear to be a small matter, it was of real significance in again demonstrating which countries really favored full Italian participation in the work of the United Nations. I thanked Mr. Catalano and expressed appreciation that the Government of Italy had asked him to approach the Department in this way.

He inquired whether we had as yet any views as to the handling of the question in the General Assembly next Fall. I said that the Department had not yet studied this question, but that it would of course do so in connection with preparations for the Assembly and that we would be happy to consult with Italian representatives here or in New York at a later stage.