Memorandum of Conversation, by the Director of the Office of Chinese Affairs (Clubb)


Subject: ECAFE1 Meetings in Pakistan

Participants: Dr. Tan Shao-hwa, Minister Plenipotentiary, Chinese Embassy
Mr. Clubb, CA

Dr. Tan Shao-hwa took up today the question of Chinese representation in the ECAFE meetings sheduled to be held shortly in Pakistan. He pointed out that the Seventh Session of ECAFE is scheduled for February 28 with the following members (divided into two columns according to their probable orientation respecting the question of Chinese representation):

Burma Australia
India China
Indonesia France
Netherlands New Zealand
Pakistan Philippines
UK Thailand

The associate members, divided in the same way, are as follows:

Ceylon Cambodia
Malay States Laos Kingdom
British Borneo Nepal
Hong Kong Republic of Korea

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The situation was, however, complicated by the circumstance that the third meeting of the Subcommittee on Iron and Steel is scheduled to meet on February 14 and the third meeting of the Subcommittee on Industry and Trade on February 15, that is, before the Seventh Session might have had the opportunity to determine the question of representation. He pointed out that the Chinese Communists have already appointed Dr. Chi Ch’ao-ting to represent the Peiping regime. It was the hope of the National Government that the United States would do everything possible to support the Nationalist representation. He pointed out the narrowness of the margin enjoyed in terms of support for the Nationalist position, and said that it would be very much appreciated if the United States Government prior to the meeting could instruct its missions in the several concerned countries to approach the Governments to which they were accredited and exercise American influence to the end that the Nationalist representation should be maintained in ECAFE.

I confirmed to Dr. Tan that our position had consistently been in support of the Nationalist position as he knew, said that I would bring the matter promptly to the attention of FE and UNP, and assured him that we would do our best in this connection.

  1. United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East.