350/2–151: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations ( Austin )


677. When TC considers SYG’s report on credentials, it is possible that USSR may again raise Chi representation issue in form challenge validity credentials Chi Natl reps and request for separate vote on that part of report which deals with Chi credentials. You shd, of course, vote to approve report on credentials Chi Natl reps. You shd state we had thought Chi representation matter had been disposed of for time being since clear intent of TC decision of Jan 30 was to continue seating Chi Nationalists pending further consideration matter [Page 222] after GA decision.1 Since USSR has again raised matter US will, of course, vote in favor section report on Chi credentials and assumes other states who voted in favor Jan 30 decision will do likewise.

We assume, in view clear intent Jan 30 decision, that SYG’s report will include statement re credentials Chi Natl reps only. Pls check this matter with Secretariat before report submitted TC.

  1. For the proceedings of the Trusteeship Council on January 30, see United Nations, Official Records of the Trusteeship Council, Eighth Session, pp. 1–6. The Council adopted a United States motion (10–2) to postpone consideration of a Soviet motion to unseat the Nationalist China delegate. The two negative votes were cast by the delegates of the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom, the latter describing the United States motion as “inappropriate” and the General Assembly resolution of December 14, 1950, cited in the motion as “not mandatory”. The United States spokesman was Francis B. Sayre, United States Representative to the Trusteeship Council.