340.290/2–551: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Offices 1


457. ECAFE and ECAFE Comite on Industry and Trade meet Lhore, Comite Feb 15 and Comm Feb 28. Chi representation issue will probably arise both bodies and situation precarious in view number states which recognize Chi Commie regime. ECAFE composed as follows: Members—Austral, Burma, China, France, India, Neth, NZ, Pak, Phil, Indo, Thailand, USSR, UK, US; Associate Members—Cambodia, Ceylon, Hong Kong, ROK, Laos, Malaya, Nepal, Viet Nam. In ECAFE only Members vote; in Industry and Trade Comite, which is Comite of Whole, both Members and Ass Members vote. US Rep will support continued seating reps Chi Natl Govt. Fol are details US position which you are requested in ur discretion outline FonOff, expressing our hope its delegates will be instructed support.

ECAFE Comite on Industry and Trade. If proposal unseat rep Chi Natl Govt and seat Chi Commie is made, USRep will move or [Page 224] support motion by which Comite wld note that ECAFE will convene Feb 28 and decide forward such proposal ECAFE. This position in our view appropriate since (a) ECAFE meets only few days after Comite; (b) Comite was estab by ECAFE to perform technical tasks and was never contemplated it deal with political question of character Chi representation; and (c) voting composition Comite not same as ECAFE (see above). This wld mean, of course, that rep Chi Natl Govt wld accordingly be seated Comite for this session.

ECAFE . If similar proposal to unseat Chi Natl rep and seat Commie is made, USRep will move or support motion that ECAFE postpone consideration of any action on any proposal unseat rep Chi Natl Govt or seat rep Chi Commie regime until GA has taken action which ECAFE can take into account in making its decision same issue. This position based on fol considerations: (a) ECAFE’s decision of May 16, 1950 that was wish and desire Comisn that Chi rep issue be decided by higher body; (b) fact this issue still before fifth GA; (c) GA res Dec 14, 1950 recommending that (1) controversies re representation in UN shld be considered by GA (or IC if GA not in session) in light Purposes and Principles Charter and circumstances each case; and (2) GA attitude shld be “taken into account” in other UN organs and specialized agencies. This wld, of course, mean that rep Chi Natl Govt wld be seated pending further consideration Chi rep issue after GA has taken action this matter.

It is possible that Chi representation issue may also arise in ECAFE Sub-Comite on Iron and Steel which meets Lahore Feb 14 although matter did not arise there last year. All Members ECAFE entitled send governmental experts this Sub-Comite and both Members and Ass Members have right vote. If Chi matter arises in Sub-Comite US will take same position as in Industry and Trade Comite.

You shld stress US view that in any case Chi Commies shld not be seated any UN or specialized agency body while Commie regime engaged in aggression in Korea.

  1. Sent to Canberra, Wellington, Manila, Karachi, Djakarta, Bangkok, Paris, and London for action; and USUN and the Embassies at Taipei, New Delhi, and The Hague for information.