399.10 UPU/1–1551: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Offices 1


384. Conference UPU mtg Cairo Jan 22 with NGO group, Intl Air Transport Assn, to study airmail postal questions. Although technical title group is “Mixed Comisn for Study Airmail Postal Questions”, we understand UPU and IATA will initially meet separately.

Question Chi representation will arise UPU Conference. Fol is position USRep 2 will take. You are requested outline our views FonOff and indicate our hope its del will be instructed support. Report reactions soonest.

At outset Conference USRep will make motion to effect that UPU (a) postpone consideration Chi representation question until GA has taken action on matter; and (b) pending such consideration, seat reps Chi Natl Govt with same rights other Members. This position based on GA resolutions Sept 19 and Dec 14, 1950. Under Sept 19 res, GA (a) apptd Special Comite to study question Chi representation and report with recommendations fifth GA after GA completed action on agenda item re recognition by UN of representation Member State; and (b) pending GA decision on report Special Comite, seated reps Chi Natl Govt with same rights other GA reps. Under Dec 14 res on recognition by UN of rep Member State GA recommended (a) whenever more than one authority claims to be govt entitled represent Member State UN, question shld be considered by GA (or IC if GA not in session) in light Purposes and Principles Charter and circumstances each case; and (b) attitude adopted by GA (or IC) shd be “taken into account” in other UN organs and specialized agencies. Although GA Special Comite on Chi representation has held one mtg, it has taken no decision and matter therefore still pending fifth GA.3 In view above resolutions and present status Chi representation matter GA, USRep UPU Conference will take above position.

  1. Sent to the diplomatic missions at Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo, Paris, London, The Hague, Stockholm, and Bern.
  2. The United States Representative was John M. Redding, Assistant Postmaster General of the United States.
  3. The Fifth General Assembly was still in session, addressing itself to problems relating to China and Korea: for documentation on these matters, see volume vii .