399.10 UPU/l–1551

General Assembly Resolution 490 (V), Adopted September 19, 1950, EntitledQuestion of the Representation of China in the General Assembly1

The General Assembly,

Taking note of differences of view concerning the representation of China in the United Nations,

Establishes a Special Committee consisting of seven Members nominated by the President and confirmed by the General Assembly to consider the question of Chinese representation and to report back, with recommendations, to the present session of the General Assembly, after the Assembly shall have considered item 62 of the provisional agenda (item proposed by Cuba);

Resolves that, pending a decision by the General Assembly on the report of this Special Committee, the representatives of the National Government of China shall be seated in the General Assembly with the same rights as other representatives.

  1. Source text was Annex A to a Department of State position paper, dated January 15, 1951, not printed, which, in turn was attached to the Department’s telegram 384, January 15, 1951, 5 p. m., infra. The substance of the position paper appears in the telegram.