396.1 LO/5–1250: Telegram

The United States Delegation at the Tripartite Foreign Ministers Meeting to the Acting Secretary of State


Secto 239. Ministers’ meeting May 121 discussed Department’s [Deputies] recommendations contained in Delau 4602 and revised paragraph II (a) (2) in Delau 461.3 Agreement reached on paragraphs a (1) and (2) revised on West policy in Austria. Decision on treaty procedure reserved until Thursday at which time agreed tripartite declaration will be published. Meeting postponed due to Schuman’s reservation of paragraphs on civilian High Commissioners and occupation cost pending French Government, specifically Ministries of Defense and Finance. Schuman has assured ministers that answer on both questions will be received by May 18.4

Sent Department, repeated Paris 835, Vienna 108, Moscow 140.

  1. Held at Lancaster House at 6:55 p. m. Attending for the United States were Secretary Acheson, Jessup, Perkins, Douglas, and Samuel Reber, Deputy for Austria at the Council of Foreign Ministers; for France, Foreign Minister Schuman, Parodi, Alphand, and Marcel Berthelot, Deputy for Austria; for the United Kingdom, Foreign Secretary Bevin, Lord Henderson, Kirkpatrick, and William I. Mallet, Deputy for Austria. A set of the United States Delegation minutes of the meeting are in the CFM Files: Lot M–88: Box 151: London Conferences, London 1950.
  2. Dated May 8; scheduled for publication in volume iv.
  3. Not printed.
  4. For a report on the Foreign Ministers meeting on May 18, see Secto 302, May 18, p. 1071.