Editorial Note

At their fourth meeting, held at Lancaster House at 4 p. m. on May 12, the Foreign Ministers continued the discussion of the German problem, considering, in order, the status of Berlin, a declaration on German prisoners of war detained by the Soviet Union, the security request of the Federal Republic, the remilitarization of the Soviet zone police, the level of steel production, the International Authority for the Ruhr, trade between Western Germany and the Soviet orbit, nationalization of Allied property in the German coal and steel industries, German construction of special ships for export, and Chancellor Adenauer’s request for permission to establish a Federal Gendarmerie.

For the texts of the papers approved by the Ministers on Berlin (MIN/TRI/P/14 Final) and on the security request of the Federal Government (MIN/TRI/P/10 Final), see pages 1091 and 1085, respectively; for the text of the Ministers’ declaration on the German prisoners of war detained by the Soviet Union (MIN/TRI/P/26 Final), see Department of State Bulletin, June 19, 1950, page 1018. With regard to the request for permission to establish a Federal Gendarmerie, the Ministers discussed the recommendations of the High Commissioner (MIN/TRI/P/27), but since neither the French nor the United States had considered the question, the Ministers agreed to postpone action. The papers concerning the other topics, MIN/TRI/P/11, 15 and 24, 18, 16, 17, and 23, respectively, are not printed. (Conference Files: Lot 59 D 95: CF 20)

The United States Delegation report on the fourth meeting was transmitted in Secto 244, May 12, not printed (396.1–LO/5–1250).

After this meeting the Foreign Ministers issued a statement on Berlin which read:

“The three Western Occupation Powers will continue to uphold their rights in Berlin. They are resolved now as in the past to protect the democratic rights of the inhabitants and will cooperate with the German authorities to improve to the utmost the economic position of the Western sectors. Meanwhile the three governments will continue to seek reunification of the city in free elections in order that Berlin [Page 1052] may take its due place in a free and united Germany.” Secto 242, May 13, not printed (CFM Files: Lot M–88: Box 151: Secto Cables).