CFM Files: Lot M–88: Box 151: Secto Cables: Telegram

The United States Delegation at the Tripartite Foreign Ministers Meeting to the Acting Secretary of State


Secto 246. Summary Saturday morning tripartite meeting follows:1

Southeast Asia. MIN/TRI/P/9.2 Schuman summarized position in Indochina, heavy drain it imposed on French, and gratefulness for [Page 1053] moral and material support. French proposal for paragraph 7 accepted with change from “assume” to “discharge”. Paragraph 8 left unchanged after Acheson explained difficulties French draft would cause before legislation providing economic assistance had been admitted to Congress.
Declaration on Southeast Asia. Bevin explained difficulties for British in issuing declaration in view lack of enthusiasm for it in certain Commonwealth countries. Schuman regretted countries in area did not understand West was defending their real interests. Bevin thought situation improving. Acheson suggested that in light British difficulties and Paris statement declaration probably unnecessary.3 This accepted.
Colonial questions. MIN/TRI/P/21.4 Approved and also consultation by representatives in New York before next GA to concert position.
Economic relationships between US, Canada and Western Europe. Ministers approved Acheson proposal that their representatives meet with Pearson to develop recommendation on public statement and on course action. Jessup, Makins and Alphand designated and will meet next week.5
NATO. Ministers approved Acheson proposal that group meet over weekend with purpose of considering new French proposals and reconciling views if possible on question organization. Perkins, Jebb, De Margerie designated.
Migration. Ministers approved declaration which will be forwarded separate message.6
Declaration on Germany. Ministers approved declaration on German unification which will be forwarded separate message. Annex setting forth principles to which unification process must conform approved and HICOG given authority to issue principles “at appropriate moment and in appropriate way”.7 Text of declaration being telegraphed Adenauer today and will be released Sunday evening for Monday papers. Acheson stressed importance early issue of annex principles so that we would not be in position that Russians accept “free elections” whereupon we would have to come forward with lot of conditions.
Final communiqué. Drafting committee working Saturday afternoon and Ministers will consider at end Saturday afternoon session.8

  1. The fifth meeting of the Foreign Ministers was held at Lancaster House at 10:30 a. m. Attending for the United States were Secretary Acheson, Douglas, Cooper, Jessup, Harriman, Bruce, and McCloy; for France, Foreign Minister Schuman, Massigli, Parodi, Alphand, de Margerie, François-Poncet, and Lebel; for the United Kingdom, Foreign Secretary Bevin, Younger, Strang, Lord Henderson, Davies, Makins, Sir Brian Robertson, Dening, Wright, and Walker.
  2. Not printed, but see MIN/TRI/P/9 Final, p. 1082, and footnotes thereto.
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  4. Dated May 9, p. 1093.
  5. Regarding the work of this group, see Secto 278, May 16, p. 1069.
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