840.00R/6–2850: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Bruce) to the Secretary of State


3164. Inform ECA. Massigli1 telephoned Monnet yesterday afternoon before Attlee had received his vote of confidence. He stated that the press release summarizing the French Working Paper had cut any last hope of British participation in the conference. The most difficult phrases for the British in Massigli’s mind were those concerning the necessity to make a commitment on the surrender of sovereignty [Page 739] without limit in time and those permitting withdrawal only by agreement. Monnet seemed to accept Massigli’s view. He commented that France now had to go on to the end but at least the British clearly understand that the French have acted without malice. Monnet concluded that, if the Schuman proposal reaches a successful conclusion, then a mutually satisfactory relationship can certainly be worked out with the British.

Sent Department 3164; repeated info London 895, Frankfort 447, Rome 242, Brussels 163, The Hague 100, Luxembourg 35.

  1. René Massigli, French Ambassador to the United Kingdom.