850.33/6–2950: Telegram

The United States High Commissioner for Germany ( McCloy ) to the Secretary of State


5595. For Acheson and Byroade. Talked yesterday with Blankenhorn,1 at Chancellor’s request, who reported on Paris negotiations and German reaction. He reported that Germans were impressed by Monnet’s presentation2 and that paper was discussed with Adenauer who had called in a number of German experts (presumably industrialists) and the general feeling was the fundamentals of the proposal were acceptable. He talked of possibility of reaching agreement by the end of July. He indicated there was trouble with the Dutch and that possibly Benelux would not go along but he said Germans would be prepared to go ahead with French and Italians if necessary. He said there was some concern in German circles that French contemplated too close planning to comport with German free enterprise ideas but this was only a first impression. All indications here are that Adenauer is throwing all his authority behind the plan stating to the industrialists that this has such tremendous political significance that they must conform. There are a number of rumors of undercurrent British activities in attempting to create doubts as to practicability or wisdom of plan.

Sent Department 5595; repeated information London 349; Paris 529.

  1. Herbert Blankenhorn, Secretary of the Christian Democratic Union Party.
  2. An oral presentation of the Plan before the Conference of Six, during the first 2 days of their meetings. In telegram 3047 of June 23, Bruce referred to it as “a brilliant extemporaneous presentation” that was well received by the other delegations. Bruce added that no summary or text was available because no record was being kept of the proceedings. (Telegram 3047 not printed, 850.33/6–2350)