850.33/6–2450: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Bruce) to the Secretary of State


3084. Attention Perkins, inform Hoffman ECA. This is sixth and last in series forwarding translation of text working paper containing French draft of treaty on Schuman Plan. See Embtel 3083.

(This message contains verbatim text.) Begin continuation of text:

Section III—General Provisions.

Article 34. The institution of the high authority in no way prejudices the status of ownership of the enterprises.

In the pursuit of its mission, the common high authority will take account of the international commitments of the different member states, including the obligations of every nature imposed on Germany as long as such obligations exist.

Article 35. The high authority will establish all useful contacts with the Council of Europe and will keep the latter regularly informed of its activities.

A representative of the United Nations to the high authority shall be given the responsibility of making twice a year a report to the United Nations on the functioning of the high authority, notably with respect to the safeguarding of its peaceful purposes.

[Page 738]

Article 36. The agreements setting forth in detail the measures of implementation of the present treaty shall be negotiated in the presence of a mutually-designated arbiter. The responsibility of the arbiter shall be to insure that such agreements comply with the terms of the present treaty and, in case it should appear impossible to arrive at a mutually-agreed text, he will decide on the solution to be adopted.

Article 37. In case of violation by the states parties to the present treaty of the commitments which they assume thereunder, the high authority shall reach a decision taking note of the violation. It will decide the appropriate measures to safeguard the interest of the group. These decisions may be appealed under the procedure foreseen in Articles 7 and 8.

Article 38. Any European state may become party to the present treaty by forwarding the instrument of its adhesion to the government which is the depository of the treaty.

Article 39. The withdrawal by a state from the common organization shall be possible only if the other states parties to the treaty agree to accept this withdrawal and set the conditions thereof.

Article 40. Definitions—

The terms:



Territories of the member states will be defined at a later time.

However, it is already specified that iron ore, scrap iron, and pig iron are included in the expression “steel”.

End text and series.

Sent Department 3084; repeated London 866, eyes only Douglas, Frankfort 437, eyes only McCloy, Rome 273, eyes only Dunn, Brussels unnumbered, eyes only Murphy, The Hague unnumbered, eyes only Chapin.