740.5/3–2350: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom

top secret

1313. Bonesteel from Martin. Dept considering in preliminary fashion various ways to achieve related objectives of (1) greater integration of Ger into Western Eur and (2) lessened dependence of NAT mil strength on US financial and industrial resources.

In this connection it wld be useful if you cld prepare factual statement of extent to which equipment deficiencies of Eur NAT countries, which cannot be met by them because they do not possess the necessary industrial capacity without diversions from civilian production which would jeopardize economic recovery, cld be met by use of available industrial capacity in Western Ger without violating existing security prohibitions.

Such inquiry believed useful before getting too involved in polit and finan problems of project. It wld of course have to be conducted with the greatest discretion. It is assumed you wld want to consult with selected people in JAMAG, OSR, and office of HICOG. Suggest [Page 33] latter be contacted informally thru Gerhardt.1 Byroade2 writing him letter on project. Otherwise presume you can make your own arrangements.

Realize this may be large order and other high priority work in hand. Wld not expect definitive reply for several months. However preliminary indication as to whether contribution of Western Ger industry may really prove significant wld be useful prior Apr 15. [Martin.]

  1. Lt. Col. Harrison Gerhardt, Special Assistant to the High Commissioner for Germany.
  2. Henry A. Byroade, Director, Bureau of German Affairs.