740.5 MAP/3–2350: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Offices 1


ToMAP. Since dates when survey teams prepared, in consultation with country reps, end item lists for country programs, considerable refinement and modification has resulted from proposed changes by recipient country and from studies as to availability and procurement rates. Latest country program as approved by Dept being forwarded by Dept Def to MAAG sections in each recipient country. This country program, as approved by Dept, to be made avail to Amb and Spec Asst.

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Dept Def will issue instrs to chiefs MAAG re method of preparing list of equip in Dept approved country programs. It is necessary secure acceptance by recipient gov of changed items on list as being desirable and suitable its needs to serve as valid basis for prompt institution of procurement and rehabilitation such items. Dept hopes Emb will obtain prompt agreement of govt to these lists. Accordingly, on occasion presentation of revised list to recipient gov, Embs will obtain undertaking in substantially fol language from appropriate official recipient gov:

“I ack receipt on behalf my Govt of revised list of equip, materials and supplies dated ———— 1950 covering items which Govt of US proposes to trans to my Govt under US MDAP. This list has been submitted to my Govt for purpose of receiving its approval in connection with changes, deletions and substitutions made as result previous discussions between our two Govts. New list has been examined and my Govt requests trans all items listed thereon. All these items believed suitable to needs of armed forces my Govt. It is recognized, of course, that US is not obligated to and may not be able to furnish any of items referred to.”

Embs will forward orig of above doc after sig by recipient country to Dept together with copy of equip list presented for approval.

Cleared Defense–ECA.

  1. Sent for action to Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Luxembourg, Oslo, Paris, Rome, and The Hague.