812.20/11–1445: Telegram

President Truman to the President of Mexico (Avila Camacho)

Upon the return to their native land of Squadron 201 of the Mexican Air Force it is my great pleasure to express to you and the Mexican people my sincere congratulations and appreciation, as well as those of the people of the United States, for the splendid conduct of these men in the Pacific Theater where they upheld the fine tradition of Mexican arms and of Mexico’s historic stand with the principles of democracy.30

Harry S. Truman
  1. The 201st Fighter Squadron arrived in the Philippines in May and, with a peak strength of 32 pilots, saw combat duty with the 5th Fighter Command of the 5th Air Force between June 1 and July 10. It flew a total of 50 missions and 293 sorties during this period. Under assignment to the 13th Air Force, it returned to the United States under orders dated October 19, 1945. Its casualties were listed at 4 killed, non-combat, and 1 missing. (812.20 Defense/8–345,812.20/11–2145)