710 Conference W And PW/1–1345: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Mexican Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Padilla )

I have received the kind message which you have been good enough to transmit to the Secretary of State inviting the President to name representatives to an inter-American conference regarding problems of the war and the peace, to be held in Mexico City starting February 15.

The consultations which have been proceeding between the American republics collaborating in the war effort have revealed an urgent need for them to hold a conference in order to reach a common basis on which to hasten victory, build an enduring peace, and promote stable and prosperous economic conditions in the transition from war to peace. It is no less important that the American republics consider broad cooperative measures to raise standards of living. The initiative of Your Excellency’s Government is therefore most opportune and will, I am confident, be welcomed by the American peoples. I am particularly gratified to note the topics which you suggest for discussion, in as much as they coincide with this Government’s views in this regard.

In thanking Your Excellency for your kind invitation I am authorized by the President to say that this Government will accept it with the greatest pleasure and that he has named Edward R. Stettinius, Jr., Secretary of State, to be United States Delegate to the conference. Assistant Secretary of State, Nelson A. Rockefeller, will be Alternate Delegate.

I have the honor [etc.]

Joseph C. Grew