710 Conference W And PW/1–1345: Telegram

The Ambassador in Bolivia (Thurston) to the Secretary of State

60. My 57, January 12.10 Chacón11 informed me this morning that after consultation with the President12 he could state formally that Bolivia is in general accord with the agenda presented in your circular of January 5. Should the Bolivian Government eventually desire to submit any specific topic for inclusion in the agenda the Embassy will [Page 8] be duly informed. A telegram confirming the foregoing will be dispatched today to Andrade.13

The Minister further stated that he will, of course, head the Bolivian delegation which will also include former Minister to Mexico Alfredo Sanjines and a group of advisers. Ambassador Montenegro14 probably also will be attached to the Bolivian delegation. Chacón said further that in replying to the Mexican invitation he is suggesting that the conference begin February 20.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Gustavo Chacón, Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  3. Maj. Gualberto Villarroel.
  4. Victor Andrade, Bolivian Ambassador in the United States.
  5. Carlos Montenegro, Bolivian Ambassador in Mexico.