816.01/2–1745: Telegram

The Ambassador in Costa Rica (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

102. I informed Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs yesterday of the information contained in the Department’s circular telegram February 15, 5 p.m. and was informed by him that he must consult the President of the Republic in the premises.

The Minister handed me a confidential memorandum this morning which can be summed up as follows: The Government of Costa Rica [Page 1071]must take into consideration the unanimous pronouncement of Congress and of Costa Rican public opinion which are adverse to the recognition of the Government presided over by Aguirre.

The Government will however recognize General Castaiieda immediately after his inauguration and intends to maintain cordial relations with him.

In order however to facilitate the greatest agreement and cohesion in the conference of Mexico no objection whatever will be made to the participation in that conference of delegates of Salvador whether they are named by the present government or whether General Castañeda will preside over the delegation.

Full translation of memorandum is being forwarded by airmail.