816.01/2–1045: Telegram

The Ambassador in Guatemala (Long) to the Secretary of State

95. Although I used all the arguments in Department’s telegram 72 of February 8 and in memo of conversation of January 3121 between the Guatemalan Ambassador in Washington22 and Warren and Cochran, the Guatemalan Foreign Minister has now addressed me a note of which the pertinent part states:

“In the event the present regime of El Salvador is recognized or invited to the Inter-American conference concerning problems of war and peace, the Government of Guatemala will cancel immediately the travel of its delegation or will order its return in the event it has already left.”23

General Dunham who is departing for Washington tonight was with me when I discussed this matter for the second time with the Foreign Minister a few hours before he sent the note and at that time the Foreign Minister seemed conciliatory and thought Guatemala might take part if the Salvadoran delegate were only an observer without voice or vote until Casteñeda took office. He said he was just going to see Toriello about the matter.

  1. Memorandum of conversation not printed.
  2. Eugenio Silva Peña.
  3. The Department was later informed by Ambassdor Long, in telegram 108, February 14, 6 p.m. that a Guatemalan delegation would attend the Conference if the members of the Salvadoran delegation attended as observers only and represented President-Elect Castañeda (710.Conference W and PW/2–1445).