710 Conference W and PW/2–2845: Telegram

The American Delegation to the Acting Secretary of State

278. From the Secretary. There has continued very favorable reaction to Mr. Clayton’s statement both among the delegates and in the local press.

Committee I is proceeding smoothly on resolutions for military cooperation and against subversive activities. It expects to complete its work this week. Negotiations continue looking to the withdrawal of Cuban resolution for declarations of war by all American Republics on both Germany and Japan.

Committee II has now received all comments on Dumbarton Oaks and a subcommittee commenced consideration of them this morning.

Committee III continues consideration of three main proposals now before it, namely, (a) joint action against aggression (b) strengthening of inter-American system and (c) recognition of governments. As to (a) the United States delegation with Senator Austin is working on a revision to bring the proposal within constitutional limitations and will discuss it with Senator Connally on his arrival this afternoon. As to (b) a draft was prepared last night combining features of United States and Mexican proposals. This draft was approved by a subcommittee today, but there is considerable opposition among representatives of some of the American Republics because the revised [Page 132] draft includes a Mexican provision that the members of the governing board of the Pan American Union shall not be the same persons as the Ambassadors accredited to the United States. In approving this draft of resolution the subcommittee expressed the belief that it took care of all other proposals for changes in the inter-American system. As to (c) the Mexicans this morning withdrew their proposal. This is regarded as most helpful as the Mexican draft contained rather broad and vague provisions regarding conditions of recognition which might have caused trouble.

At this morning’s meeting of the subcommittee of Committee III there was considerable discussion of the inter-American Juridical Committee.

Committees IV and V have been engaged in the preparation of draft resolutions incorporating the principles laid down in the statements of the Secretary and Mr. Clayton together with the appropriate items from proposals of other American Republics.

The United States members are delaying decisions on proposals of other delegations for the creation of new economic agencies pending decisions in Committee III on the organization of the inter-American system.

This morning Subcommittee III of Committee IV on transportation was organized and received a number of resolutions going into considerable detail with regard to shipping, aviation, rates, labor conditions, et cetera.

This morning Subcommittee IV of Committee IV also met and commenced consideration of the economic charter. In the first morning’s discussion there was a general disposition to accept the principle of lowering trade barriers, but each country indicated its desire to decide individual cases by itself on a unilateral or bilateral basis. Mr. Chavez,8 the Peruvian representative on this subcommittee, was most helpful.

There are strong indications that the coffee countries will present in the next day or so some manifesto or resolution calling for an increase in coffee prices.

Please repeat to the President. [Stettinius.]

  1. Juan Chavez, Peruvian Minister-Counselor in the United States.