Memorandum by Mr. Henry Dearborn, Division of North and West Coast Affairs, to the Director of Production Liaison and Coordination, Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion (Searls)

Mr. Searls: At Ambassador Scotten’s request I am sending you this draft of a Galapagos Base Treaty, accompanied by two drafts of notes which would initiate exchanges of notes63 between Ecuador and the United States immediately upon ratification of the treaty.

[Page 1027]

This draft treaty is a result of consultations held between officers of the State Department and representatives of the Joint Post War Committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Following the consultations within this Government, officers of the State Department discussed the draft with Ambassador Galo Plaza of Ecuador. He made certain suggestions which were incorporated.

The draft as it now stands has met with Galo Plaza’s approval, but we understand that his Government has suggested certain changes which have not yet been communicated to us. We expect to receive information as to these changes soon. Our own Treaty Section is suggesting certain language changes and our Commodities Division wishes to redraft Article V, B with respect to fishing.

Henry Dearborn
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