Memorandum by Mr. Henry Dearborn of the Division of North and West Const Affairs

In view of Ambassador Scotten’s recommendation that we depart from the Salinas base before further clashes between our Puerto Rican troops and the Ecuadorans lead to further bloodshed or to actual killings, and considering the comments made by Messrs Braden, Briggs and Duran on the attached memorandum,61

It is suggested that the State Department recommend to the War and Navy Departments

that this Government immediately turn over to the Ecuadorans such installations and equipment at Salinas as is due them under the supplementary military agreement of February 20, 194260 (see memorandum attached61), and
that the United States withdraw from the base immediately following the accomplishment of this procedure.

In addition, it is suggested that we express to the War and Navy Departments the hope that the items specifically requested by the Ecuadorans in their Embassy’s note of September 24, 1945,61 (a water distiller, an electric generator and a flight control tower) may be included among the installations to be left at Salinas under the military agreement.62

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  5. A marginal note indicates that Colonel Collier said that the “War Department wanted to stay at Salinas until further developments.”