810.20 Defense/2–1645: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Ecuador (Scotten)

119. It is agreed by the State, War, and Navy Departments that Military and Naval Staff conversations with Ecuador should start March 15. Refer Department’s secret circular instruction August 1, 1944,22 January 10, 1945.23 Please consult the Foreign Minister and [Page 1008] cable Department whether that date is agreeable to the Ecuadoran Government.

Conversations in Ecuador will be under the supervision of General Brett24 and Admiral Kingman.25 They will get in touch with you directly concerning details of the conversations. General Brett will provide you with a program outlining the purpose of the conversations and the topics to be discussed. On receipt of it please transmit the program to the Ecuadoran authorities, unless you receive [perceive?] objection in order that they may be prepared in advance.

It is emphasized that the forthcoming staff conversations are entirely exploratory in nature, will involve no (repeat no) commitments by either party, and will be confined to technical military and naval discussions, not (repeat not) to include political matters.26

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  5. The Ambassador reported in his telegram 144, February 19, 1945, 5 p.m., that the Ecuadoran Government was agreeable to beginning the conversations on the date indicated (810.20 Defense/2–1945).