811.24522/1–445: Telegram

The Ambassador in Ecuador (Scotten) to the Secretary of State

10. Yesterday during our visit to the Galápagos, Galo Plaza20 himself brought up the subject of the negotiations and stated that while the sentiment in the Government and Assembly is generally favorable to an agreement, our suggestion of “leases” is objectionable and he believes the agreement should be in the form of a “broad treaty for mutual cooperation.” (I believe he meant a treaty including provision for financial and economic assistance to Ecuador.) Although he was not clear as to what action would be taken by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, he stated he thought that Ecuador should try its hand at drafting the kind of a treaty it liked and which would be approved by its leading lawyers, et cetera. Since Plaza has been in constant touch with the Ecuadoran authorities I infer that the Minister for Foreign Affairs will in fact submit to us either through Galo Plaza or myself a completely new draft of a “treaty” and this reenforces the thought expressed in paragraph 1 of my number 1, January 2, 11 a.m.,21 that it would be wise for us to defer attempting to draw up a new draft at this time pending some indication of the desires of the Ecuadoran Government.

Plaza should arrive Washington about January 9.

  1. Ecuadoran Ambassador to the United States.
  2. Not printed.