710 Conference W and PW/2–2445: Telegram

The American Delegation to the Acting Secretary of State

250. From the Secretary. Following is a summary of developments at the Inter-American Conference on Problems of Peace and War from noon on February 23 to 2 p.m. on February 24, 1945:

A plenary session of the Conference was held on the afternoon of February 23. Messages from several heads of governments of the American Republics, among them one from President Roosevelt, were read and recorded. Formal addresses were made by the Chairman of the Peruvian delegation and the delegates from Brazil and Honduras.

The committees on intensification of the war effort (Committee No. 1) and Committee No. II on world organization were the only committees of the Conference that met on Saturday February 24. Both Committees concerned themselves with organizational and procedural matters and nothing of major importance developed.

The subcommittee of Committee No. II of the Conference held two meetings yesterday to consider the scope of its work in reporting to the whole Committee on matters connected with world organization. The United States spokesman on this subcommittee, Mr. Pasvolsky, was asked how far the United States was prepared to go in making recommendations regarding the Dumbarton Oaks proposals. Pasvolsky said that it was the view of the United States delegation that ample opportunity should be afforded delegates from the other American Republics to express their views in regard to the Dumbarton Oaks proposals and that these views would be of considerable help in view of the forthcoming conference in San Francisco. The subcommittee decided to request that delegations submit their views in regard to the Dumbarton Oaks proposals by Tuesday evening of next week at the latest in order that a summary with recommendations could then be made for discussion in the Second Committee as a whole. This decision was ratified by the Second Committee at its meeting this morning.

There are no other meetings of the Conference scheduled until Monday morning February 26.

Repeat in your discretion to the President. [Stettinius.]