710 Conference (W & PW)/2–2445: Telegram

The American Delegation to the Acting Secretary of State

245. For Grew only from the Secretary. Please be good enough to have the map room transmit the following message to the President as from me:

“The following message from you was read at this afternoon’s plenary session of the Mexico City Conference:

‘The assembling of the Conference of the American Republics on Problems of War and Peace moves me to send cordial salutations to you and my felicitations to the Government and people of Mexico as hosts to this significant meeting. Will you please communicate to the delegates my greetings and confident anticipation of notable accomplishment. Since the days of their independence the American Republics have tirelessly explored every pathway to human freedom, justice, and international well-being, and today the common men of all peace-loving nations look to them and you for light on the arduous road to world peace, security, and a higher level of economic life. By their moral purpose, their intelligent efforts, and their friendly spirit they will make common cause among themselves and with other nations to attain the noblest objectives of human aspirations. Franklin D. Roosevelt.’

We all enjoyed hearing it.”