811.5017/3–2745: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Colombia (Wiley)

360. ReEmbs 481, March 27.73 We are informed by Quartermaster General’s Office that agreement has been reached with six importers on the following uniform quotations which are f.o.b. Colombian Atlantic port equivalents of OPA ceiling prices including 1 percent deduction for weight shrinkage and all other deductions, in American cents per pound: For coffee sold on basis shipping weight, Medellin, 15.156; Armenia, 14.974; Manizales and Sevilla, 14.792; hard beans, 14.549. For coffee sold on basis landed weights, less actual tares: Medellín, 15.26; Armenia, 15.076; Manizales and Sevilla, 14.893; hard beans, 14.648. Shipments from Colombian Pacific ports would be 6 points less per pound.

Naumann Gepp’s quotations cited in your 481 were before necessary deductions for forwarding and inspection charges. Naumann Gepp forgot these deductions when quoting Mejia.

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