811.244/3–2245: Telegram

The Ambassador in Colombia (Wiley) to the Secretary of State

454. ReDeptel 307, March 16. The Minister of Foreign Relations72 informed me today that he had actively intervened in the coffee transaction [Page 879] for the Army and is sure he had the matter satisfactorily arranged. He said that Manuel Mejia told him however that there is still one obstacle in that the six importers designated by the Army are in disagreement about the price. In any event the Minister stated that the coffee is already moving to port and will be available so that when ships are provided next month there will be no delay in shipping.

The Minister then turned to the question of the ceiling price of coffee about which he showed great anxiety saying that the present cost of production placed producers in a critical situation. He said that the financial situation of the government would not permit subsidies. He laid much stress on the disastrously lower standard of living of workers in the coffee industry.

  1. Alberto Lleras Camargo.