740.21112 RP/10–2445

Memorandum by Mr. A. H. Gerberich, of the Division of North and West Coast Affairs 58

A proposed new law, which is expected to become operative around December 1, 1945, divided German properties into eight categories and fixes for each a percentage to be contributed to the Colombian Government as an indemnification for war costs.

A footnote in the original at this point reads as follows: “It was subsequently ascertained that Mr. Rubin, Acting Director of ESP [Office of Economic Security Policy] would be the appropriate person to discuss this matter with the Ambassador and an appointment was made.”

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Colombia is understood to claim a total of 43,000,000 pesos for war damages, which includes about 14,000,000 pesos’ worth of Lend-Lease shipments received from the United States. The British Embassy at Bogotá believes the Colombian Government plans to use the sum received under the new legislation to complete its Lend-Lease payments.

The total value of German properties in Bogotá is estimated at 30,000,000 pesos.

The Ambassador does not believe any German firms or individuals should be removed from the Proclaimed List until this legislation is enacted and the question of repatriation of certain German nationals is settled satisfactorily.

  1. Addressed to Mr. Davis and Mr. Flack of the Division of North and West Coast Affairs. This memorandum is a summary of despatch 1070, October 24, 1945, from Bogotá, not printed.