Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Bainbridge C. Davis of the Division of North and West Coast Affairs

Participants: Señor Don Carlos Sanz de Santamaria, Ambassador of Colombia
Assistant Secretary Spruille Braden
Bainbridge C. Davis–NWC

Ambassador Santamaria expressed his desire to know the position of the United States Government with respect to the question of use of Axis property under the control of the other American Republics for the purpose of meeting reparations. He stated that his government was anxious to know our attitude with respect to such matters in order that it might cooperate as fully as possible.

Mr. Braden stated that, according to his understanding, it was the present thought of this Government that each of the American republics would settle their reparations claims from Axis property under their control and that any Axis assets remaining in an individual country would be made available to those American republics which had a deficit. The United States, however, which would have a tremendous reparations claim, would not seek to benefit from any Axis assets in the other American republics. Mr. Braden asked Mr. Davis to put Dr. Santamaria in touch with Mr. Clattenburg,57 who would be able to discuss this matter in greater detail.

  1. Albert Edwin Clattenburg, of the Special War Problems Division.