825.20 Missions/6–2045: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Chile (Bowers)

519. Reurtels 819, June 19, and 826, June 20.35 Pending specific congressional authorization and legislation for implementing the program envisaged in joint staff conversations, the Department, in conjunction with War and Navy, is recommending the interim use of Surplus War Properties Act36 for this purpose. Basic policy document covering this whole subject including relationship of State, War and Navy is being discussed at the highest level. Meanwhile this Government is not in a position to give definite assurances as to quantities or conditions under which equipment ultimately may be made available. Decisions are being expedited and we hope very soon to send a circular instruction clarifying policy and procedures.

In the meantime the Department feels that any conversations with the Chilean Government regarding a ground mission should be handled delicately in such way as to minimize discussions concerning equipment. Embassy’s despatch 1226934 has not yet reached Department.

  1. Latter not printed; it reported a conversation with the Chilean Minister of Defense, who stated that Chile would not accept a military ground mission until she had received certain equipment requested and implied that even then his country “would want not a mission but instructors only”. (825.20 Missions/6–2045)
  2. Act approved October 3, 1944, 58 Stat. (pt. 1) 765.
  3. Despatch not printed; it indicated that General Paschal had had an unpromising reception in Santiago (825.20 Missions/6–1145).