740.00112A EW/4–2845: Circular airgram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics

The following categories of names will be included in Class A.4 In all cases regard will be had for the prestige of the lists and for our past public declarations, and for the advice of the missions.

Persons whose objectionable operations have been few and unimportant.
Persons whose offences have consisted in dealings with others on the lists unless (1) such dealings which resulted in listing were carried on after warnings from the missions or (2) were on such a scale as to impair appreciably the effects of listing on the listed firms in question.
Persons whose enemy nationality was the principal factor in their listing, except that the possibility that the persons may be subject to repatriation should be taken into account in considering such cases for deletion.
Persons listed solely or primarily because of their identification with a listed firm should be deleted when the firm is deleted.
  1. This class included names that were to be removed from the Proclaimed List for Brazil in the first mass deletions after V–E Day. Names in classes B, C, and D were to be removed in successive mass deletions after A, leaving only the “hard core” group, which was to be retained as long as the Proclaimed List was maintained.