740.0011 PW/6–645: Telegram

The Brazilian Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs (Macedo Soares) to the Acting Secretary of State


I have the honor to communicate to Your Excellency that the Brazilian Government, having for some time considered the aggression [Page 628] of Japan against the United States of America as though it were directed against Brazil itself and desiring to cooperate for the final victory of the United Nations and their allies, resolved by a Decree dated today to declare the existence of a state of war with the above mentioned aggressor power.

I take this opportunity to renew to Your Excellency Brazil’s confidence in the triumph over the common enemy.

Cordial salutations.34

José Roberto de Macedo Soares
  1. For text of reply to this telegram by the Acting Secretary of State and a statement issued by him on June 6, see Department of State Bulletin June 10, 1945, p. 1061.