Memorandum to the Chief of the Aviation Division (Morgan) by Rear Admiral J. L. McCrea of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

It is presently proposed to decommission and offer the following Naval Air Facilities to the Brazilians:

  • Maceio—Landplane and Seaplane Facility and a Lighter-than-Air Mast
  • Caravellas—Landplane Base and Lighter-than-Air Mast
  • Santa Cruz—Landplane Base and Lighter-than-Air Mast Base

The foregoing Naval Air Facilities are not included among the so-called “strategic airports” covered by the U.S.–Brazil military air agreement.30 Turning over these facilities to the Brazilians will be accomplished through regular lend-lease procedure and in accordance with existing directives for the disposal of surplus property.

The concurrence of the Department of State in the above proposal is requested. The Army representatives in the field have indicated no interest in taking over these facilities but the matter is being further cleared with the War Department.

J. L. McCrea