740.0011 PW/5–1145: Telegram

The Ambassador in Brazil (Berle) to the Secretary of State

1478. For the President, the Secretary, and Rockefeller.26 Have received information that Brazilian Government would welcome “invitation” from United States to declare war on Japan, that Itamaraty27 considers the moment opportune for such declaration, and that recent declaration of President Vargas in response to question put by New York Times made with this in mind. Brazilian Government would base its action on need for solidarity among all American Republics, all of whom have now declared war on Japan except Brazil and Colombia; and on fact that Japan is and remains an aggressor against an American state. Brazilian Government obviously hopes that similar invitation will be extended to Colombia at same time.

For Department’s top secret information, this intimation came through Macedo Soares.28 Procedure, as he sees it, would be suggestion from United States to Brazil and Colombia that declaration of war on Japan by them would be welcome; in which case Brazilian Government would promptly accept. Please cable instructions urgently.

  1. Assistant Secretary of State Nelson A. Rockefeller.
  2. Itamaraty Palace, the Brazilian Foreign Ministry.
  3. Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs.