740.0011E.W./4–1345: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina (Reed) to the Secretary of State

728. Foreign Minister34 showed me copy of telegram from García Arias dated April 6 reporting conversation with Rockefeller regarding possible availability of Argentine naval vessels for cooperation with our Atlantic Fleet similar to that being furnished by the British and Brazilian Governments. García Arias also reported Rockefeller said our Navy could not offer Argentines equipment or repairs but could furnish fuel, ammunition, and steel plates. Also reported Rockefeller as having indicated that it was desired initiative come from this end and that conversation was of an exploratory nature.

Ameghino seemed surprised that question had been posed in this manner and said he preferred to discuss it with me rather than through García Arias. He said that if what our Government had in mind was use by Argentine Government of its war vessels to patrol home waters and escort Argentine merchant vessels perhaps as far as Trinidad it was quite prepared to do this. However if we meant that Argentina should send her ships to engage in combat with the enemy that was another matter and was one which could not be considered until Argentine position vis-à-vis the United Nations had been reclarified.

In this connection he said he had no report from García Arias of latter’s conversation with Warren35 referred to in Deptel 375, April 11, 7 p.m.36 Please instruct.

  1. César Ameghino.
  2. Avra Warren, Chairman, State–War–Navy Subcommittee on Latin America; Director of the Office of American Republic Affairs.
  3. Not printed.