711.62115 AR/11–845

The Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Representative in the American Republics Except Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, and Venezuela

The Secretary of State refers to the President’s Proclamation of September 8, 1945 entitled “Removal of Alien Enemies”, copies of which have been transmitted to the mission.

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In view of the authority vested in the Secretary of State by this Proclamation there has been set up within the Department an Alien Enemy Control Section. A copy of Departmental Order No. 1352 of October 24, 1945 describing the functions of the Section is enclosed.34

In any further discussions with foreign officials the Officer in Charge is authorized in his discretion to state that while there has been no change in this Government’s policy and desire fully to implement Resolution VII of the Chapultepec Conference it is considered desirable to give the most careful consideration to each individual case and to consult fully with the American republic concerned before any action is taken in regard to the removal from this hemisphere of alien enemies from the other American republics. Under the procedure which is being set up for handling these cases, no order for the removal of any alien will be issued without an opportunity to be heard being given him.

Upon the establishment of standards and the completion of an administrative review of each case the missions concerned will be furnished with the Department’s findings and will be advised concerning the manner in which to approach the local authorities in regard to those cases which are the subject of discussion.

There is also enclosed for the information of the Officer in Charge a copy of the Department’s press release no. 826 of November 2, 1945 on the subject.35

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