740.00115 EW/5–2245

The Secretary of War (Stimson) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I have your letter dated 8 May 1945, SWP,10 in which you recommend that certain interned enemy nationals, [Page 269] who were brought to this country from Latin America for internment as dangerous enemy aliens, be sent back to Germany and Italy as soon as possible.

The ultimate disposition of these interned German and Italian nationals is, of course, a matter for decision by your Department and the Department of Justice, and, therefore, not one with respect to which I feel I may properly comment.

However, since the immediate return of these aliens to Germany and Italy is a matter of direct interest to the theater commanders concerned, I have requested their views on your recommendation. The Commanding General, Mediterranean Theater of Operations11 has advised the War Department that there is no objection to the immediate return to Italy of the thirty odd Italian nationals in this category. If the return of these Italian nationals is undertaken, it is requested that the War Department be advised of their movement sufficiently in advance to enable the theater commander to make the appropriate arrangements for their reception in Italy.

With respect to the return to Germany of the approximately one thousand German nationals, the Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force, states that, while there is no objection to their ultimate return, it is impossible to accept them at present in view of the disturbed conditions in Germany at this time. As soon as the situation in Germany is such as to permit the return of these nationals, you will be promptly advised of the fact, and the War Department will be glad at that time to cooperate in effectuating their return.

Sincerely yours,

Henry L. Stimson
  1. Special War Problems Division, Department of State.
  2. Field Marshal Sir Harold R. L. G. Alexander.