740.00115 EW/5–1645

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Costa Rica (Johnson)7

No. 69

The Acting Secretary of State encloses copies of Resolution VII of the recent Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace together with a list8 classifying for purposes of repatriation the European alien enemies from Costa Rica who are now interned in the United States.

Classification of alien enemies named in this list is based upon information available in the United States and upon the categories defined in the meeting of officers of the Department of State on August 31, 1944 in regard to the post war disposition of interned alien enemies from the other American republics. A copy of the memorandum of this meeting is enclosed for your information.9

The Officer in Charge is instructed to circulate this list among the appropriate officers of the Embassy dealing with security, economic and political matters with the request that they give their comments on these classifications and provide any additional information which might affect the classification of these individuals. It should be impressed upon all concerned that consideration of this matter should be hastened in view of current developments.

After the Embassy’s comments and those of the other Government agencies are received and collected, it is anticipated that the Embassy will be apprised of any revisions in the attached list and will be asked to obtain the concurrence of the Costa Rican Government in the classifications made.

  1. This instruction, mutatis mutandis, was sent on the same date to the diplomatic representatives in the American Republics except Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela.
  2. List not found in Department files.
  3. Not found in Department files.