The Secretary of War (Stimson) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: In conformity with the general military policy relating to Latin America embodied in State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee paper 4/1043 and approved by the President, the War Department submits herewith a plan for interim allocation of token amounts of equipment to the other American Republics with which Staff Conversations have been completed, pending the preparation of final plans. The results of the Staff Conversations have not yet been submitted to or approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. However, the proposed allocations (inclosures #2 and #344) are well within the amounts of equipment required for peacetime armies of the size recommended by the conferees as indicated in column two (2) of inclosure #1.45

Since, under the Presidential directives of 6 [5?] and 29 July 1945, lend-lease is no longer available for this purpose, I intend to utilize the Surplus War Property Act where applicable, and other appropriate existing legislation. The equipment listed in the inclosures can be used immediately for the purpose of initiating the supply of the token shipments recommended herein.

Upon your determination that this plan is not in conflict with the Government’s foreign policy, I shall proceed with its implementation.

Sincerely yours,

Henry L. Stimson
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