800.24/8–1145: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics Except Argentina and Panama

For the information of the Ambassador. Paraphrase of Presidential Directive of July 29 to the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

“My memorandum of July 5, 1945,38 reading: ‘Any approval of the issue to Allied Governments of Lend-Lease munitions of war and military and naval equipment will be limited to that which is to be used in the war against Japan only, and approval will not be given for any other purposes’ may be interpreted as follows with respect to the other American Republics:

When Joint Chiefs of Staff are of the opinion that Lend-Lease munitions of war and military and naval equipment are to be utilized in direct support of redeployment of American troops, or troops of Allies in connection with their redeployment in the support of the war against Japan, the issuance of this equipment to all Allied Governments is authorized.
Articles necessary to equip forces such as take part directly in the Pacific Theater of war.
Articles for the direct support of redeployment such as Weather Stations, maintenance of ATC39 installations, and Air Sea Rescue.
Articles for approved patrols, both naval and air.
Return of Brazilian Expeditionary Force to Brazil, the hospitalization of the wounded, and return of military personnel of all Latin American countries now in the U.S. for training.
Handling of Lend-Lease, and general military policy relating to Latin America shall be in accordance with the memorandum prepared by the State Department and accepted early in July by Joint Chiefs of Staff.”40

Another interpretative directive was issued for countries outside the Western Hemisphere.41 Item 6 of that directive, which may be applicable to your area, is as follows:

“There may be issued, against payment, under such terms and conditions as may be determined by the State Department and Foreign Economic Administration in accordance with established procedure, (for purposes other than those specifically approved in this memorandum), a supply of maintenance items for U.S. equipment now in the possession of Allied armies.”

[Page 249]

You are authorized in your discretion to communicate pertinent parts of this directive to Govt to which you are accredited.42

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  5. The Secretary of State, in a circular telegram of August 14, 1945, 8 a.m., requested the representatives to await further instructions before informing the governments to which they were accredited of the contents of this August 11 instruction (800.24/8–1445).