800.515/7–545: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson) to the Secretary of State

451. Decree July 3 charges Minister of Interior with execution of control and intervention measures. He is today proposing to intervened firms alternative of voluntary or forced liquidation proceeds in each case to be blocked. His action yesterday in arresting Manrzer [Page 1394] of Banco Aléman and threatening with arrest principals of Staudt and Quinke90 who at first refused to produce certain books and correspondence as well as intervention of additional firms suggested by Embassy and appreciable tightening of controls indicate that Urug Govt means business. Bill for eliminating spearhead firms is being redrafted to meet views of Cabinet and Minister plans to submit it to Congress July 16 where he anticipates favorable action.

  1. Presumably the Proclaimed List firm Quincke S.A., headed by Ernesto Quincke.