The Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson) to the Secretary of State

No. 5859

Sir: Reference is made to the Embassy’s despatch no. 4272 of April 27, 1944,89 reporting the release on parole of Rudolf Meissner and F. Schonfeld Gordon, two of the eight dangerous Nazis arrested by the Uruguayan authorities in September 1940, and to despatch no. 5129 of November 29, 1944,89 reporting the release ordered by the Uruguayan Supreme Court of another of the group, Reinaldo Becker. I have the honor to report that the Legal Attaché’s office has now been informed that this past May 5 two more of the Nazis, Rudolf Patz Todt and Julio Holzer, were conditionally released from jail, presumably for “good conduct”. No announcement has been noted in the press about this development.

It may be recalled from despatch no. 4272 that Meissner and Schonfeld Gordon were released a year ago after having spent a little over three and a half years in jail and from despatch no. 5129 that Becker served a little over four years of his five years’ sentence. In the present case Patz and Holzer have served only a little over four and a half years of their seven and nine year sentences respectively. Of the original eight Nazis only the following remain in jail: Arnold Fuhrmann, sentenced to thirteen years’ imprisonment; Otto Klein Kanitz, sentenced to twelve years’ imprisonment; and Adolfo Dutine, sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment.

The Legal Attaché has received an unconfirmed report that Holzer upon his release was at once re-employed by his old firm, Eugenio Barth y Cia. (PL).

Respectfully yours,

For the Ambassador:
Reginald Bragonier

Second Secretary
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