833.24/4–2545: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson) to the Secretary of State

325. Uruguayans are apprehensive lest our deliveries of scarce materials to Uruguay be adversely affected by our economic assistance to Argentina. President has indicated such apprehension to me as respects coal deliveries and Minister of Public Works53 as respects rubber.

Official commercial and public opinion here will be very sensitive with regard to our treatment of Argentina. We must anticipate that it will require little to revive the old accusation that we are at heart more interested in rich Argentina than in staunch little Uruguay. There will no doubt be the usual exaggeration and misconception fostered by unfriendly elements and extremely difficult to counteract.

The situation is one which I view with concern and I consider it more important now than ever that we make every special effort to take care of Uruguay’s modest needs.

  1. Tomas Berrata.