833.24/4–1045: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Uruguay ( Dawson )

164. Department has received a note from the Uruguayan Embassy49 urgently requesting remaining deliveries of war materials solicited under Lend Lease. Department has replied to the effect that past requests have been granted to maximum extent compatible with demands of United Nations Armed Forces actively waging war, and with the terms of Lend-Lease Agreement;50 that lessened danger of external aggression meant that fewer shipments under Lend-Lease [Page 1379] could be authorized; that disapproved items of previous requests do not remain pending after final action has been taken on the balance of individual requests; that new requests for respective items must be submitted if additional consideration is desired; and that future Uruguayan requests will be considered in the light of future military requirements and of information obtained from staff conversations.

Deptel 154, April 7, and urtel 292, April 10.51 Department wishes to point out that irrespective of Colombo’s52 attitude as of last December allocations of Lend-Lease materials for Uruguayan Army compared most favorably with previous treatment accorded Uruguayan Navy requests.

Allocations to the Uruguayan Army have so far been in a ratio of more than two to one as compared with the Navy. For your strictly confidential information, the figures as of December 1944 totaled approximately $2,377,000 for the Army (exclusive of the large deliveries which were made available in the last quarter of 1944), as compared with $1,500,000 for the Navy.

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  4. Gen. David M. Colombo, Uruguayan Chief of Staff.