710 Consultation 4/11–1445: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics Except Argentina24a

An informal meeting was held yesterday at Governing Board of Pan American Union to exchange views with respect to plans for postponed Rio de Janeiro Conference for negotiation Treaty of Mutual Assistance. Purpose of exchange of views was to lay groundwork for regular meeting of Governing Board on Nov 20 which is to reconsider the date of Conference.

At yesterday’s meeting Brazilian Ambassador informally suggested that Conference be called for latter part of Mar. He also proposed that Governing Board recommend that the Govts submit their proposals for the Treaty to other Govts prior to Dec 31.25 There was substantial agreement on these two suggestions.

It was also proposed that Governing Board designate a subcommittee to coordinate and annotate such proposals for the Treaty as may be submitted by the several Govts. Dept’s representative took position that it would be preferable to defer a decision on procedure for coordinating proposals until the Jan meeting of Governing Board at which time need for such procedure can be effectively determined.

Members of Governing Board are now consulting their Govts with respect to position they will take on these proposals at meeting on [Page 168] Nov 20. Unless in light of local situation you perceive some reason for not doing so, you should see FonMin at earliest opportunity and state that this Govt is prepared to support action of Governing Board recommending (1) that Conference be held during month of Mar and (2) that each Govt circulate to other Govts prior to Dec 31 its proposal for the Treaty. You should also state, however, that we feel that it would be undesirable at this date to set up any machinery for coordinating such proposals as may be submitted, but that this question should be taken up at the Jan meeting of Governing Board with a view to determining any further procedure that may be desirable prior to Conference.

After stating our views along the foregoing lines you should emphasize that this Govt has not changed its views with regard to concluding a treaty of mutual assistance with Farrell regime.

We hope that consultations which have been initiated with relation to Argentina may be completed and that common position may be taken prior to date set for Conference. We do not feel, however, that thorough preparations essential to success of this important Conference should be delayed pending joint decision in consultations with respect to Argentina.

  1. Repeated to Argentina for information only.
  2. The Board resolved on November 21 that each government submit by December 31 such draft proposals as it desired, for a treaty based on the Act of Chapultepec.