740.23112A/7–1945: Telegram

The Chargé in Peru (Trueblood) to the Secretary of State

756. Re your telegram 670, July 11. Local tripartite committee, chiefs American, British, Canadian Mission, FBI, Naval Attaché, [Page 1331] Military Attaché, Chinese Ambassador and Minister Gallagher consider it inadvisable delete any Japanese names46 owing inability determine who if any are minor offenders and also because it is believed psychologically unsound to delete when pronounced anti-Japanese feeling exists among Peruvian public. Chinese Ambassador and leaders Chinese colony strongly feel greatest offenders are the least known.

Consequently recommend proposal delete Japanese names July supplement be suspended and that due credit be given Peru by mentioning comprehensive replacement liquidation program has been achieved but that names have not been deleted owing precautionary measures considered convenient in special circumstances prevailing here.

If this recomendation unacceptable under Dept’s policy inform Embassy urgently so list (which would have to be largely on basis of guess work) may be cabled.

Finance Minister, as in past, prefers make no recommendation for or against deletion but stated decision United States will be supported accordance Rio Convention.47

Decree dated June 22 holds all frozen funds in that condition regardless deletions until the Congress decides to the contrary in every individual case.

Hardcore list (re your telegram 670) received today will receive prompt attention.

  1. Department’s telegram 721, July 21, 1945, 3 p.m., indicated concurrence in this opinion (740.23112A/7–1945).
  2. See recommendation 5 of the Report on the Third Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the American Republics, Department of State Bulletin, February 7, 1942, p. 124