740.23112A/7–1145: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Peru (Trueblood)

670. Committee plans reduce PL for Brazil, Chile and Peru to hard core in July 27 supplement. Brazilian and Chilean lists will comprise and Mexico list already comprises total of 400 to 500 names each, including Jap names. If possible without injury to prestige of List or replacement program, Dept desires to accord similar treatment to Peru, particularly since press release will indicate July deletions made on basis of progress in eliminating spearheads.

Working from residual list attached Urdes 1976, Nov 1845 subcommittee has approved hard core list of non-Jap names for Peru which is being airmailed to you and London for clearance. Upon receipt of this list cable your views.

If you concur Dept believes it desirable reduce total of 800 Jap names by deleting minor and insignificant offenders. Cable urgently Jap names which can now safely be deleted.

Gallagher and Peruvian Emb have been informed of foregoing. All names to be deleted should be cleared with Peruvians and Brit.

Gallagher stated he would immediately amend Peruvian law to divorce it from PL so that local replacement program could proceed indefinitely without major policy change. Has this been done? Important that Peruvians do not misinterpret reduction of List as loss of interest on our part in replacement program.

Urgency of this matter will be appreciated in view of necessity of clearance of all names with London.

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